Dan Bolsover

See how I provide the "perfect" lifestyle for my family

Let me say Hi and Welcome to my website.

I am Dan Bolsover

You'll see above that I've said that I am providing the "perfect" lifestyle for my family, but I hear you cry "you can't provide perfect as perfect doesn't exist!" Well, yes that is true "perfect" is only a concept. One that changes from day to day, year by year and also depends upon your starting point too.

Our starting point is in a rental house, in Weymouth, Dorset in the UK. I've recently left full time employment due to ill health, a couple of weeks before the start of the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world. Follow my steps through my blog of how I'm providing for my family through working from home as a digital entrepreneur.

Latest Blog Posts

Entrepreneurship, Depression and the Coronavirus Part Two

By dan | June 3, 2020

Depression is fickle, one moment you are feeling good about how you are and then a small thing will happen and all of sudden you’re heading down the rabbit hole of depression. You’re not able to pull yourself out of it. “What’s this got to do with entrepreneurship?” I hear you say. Well, I have …

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Entrepreneurship, Depression and Coronavirus

By dan | April 21, 2020

My journey started a little more than a month ago. It was before the Coronavirus Lockdown happened. After having several months off work due to depression I took up the courage to hand my notice in and quit. I was only being paid statutory sick pay by my employer anyway by this time. I’m a …

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